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Click here to login to your account. Through our online portal, you can easily screenshot your SnowJam Membership, download lift ticket vouchers and much more.

Most customer service related issues can be solved through the brand new online portal!

  • Login to your member panel
  • Select “Save Membership”.
  • You can also select “Mobile Membership” from the navigation menu.
  • We recommend taking a screeshot of either the Membership Document or the Mobile Membership. 
  • Login to your member panel
  • Select “Lift Tickets” from the navigation menu.
  • Click “Download” for each lift ticket.
  • We recommend taking a screenshot of your lift tickets before driving to the mountain as reception is limited. 
  • Login to your member panel
  • Use the misspelled version of your email address.
  • Select “Profile” from the navigation menu.
  • Change your email address and click “Update”
  • If you cannot remember how the email address was misspelled, contact us.
  • If there is a typo in your first or last name, you will have to contact us. 
  • You must visit each booth while you are at SnowJam San Diego or Las Vegas.
  • Have your SnowJam Membership (admission ticket) scanned at EACH booth you plan on receiving benefits from.
  • If you do not have your SnowJam Membership document scanned while at the event (or virtually), you are not eligible to receive a lift ticket. The last day to claim your lift tickets is December 5th at 5pm. 
  • You can purchase an “Adult Membership” for your kids. There is no age restriction for our Membership. 
  • Anyone who attends the live or virtual SnowJam events can claim a free midweek lift ticket. You must visit the Snow Valley booth (in person or online) and have your SnowJam Membership scanned. The voucher will be sent to you via email. This deal is valid non-holiday and midweek only. 
  • Everyone who purchases a SnowJam Membership receives alternating half price and free lift tickets throughout the season. Bring your SnowJam Membership (with barcode and QR code) to the guest services window at Snow Valley. Your first, third, fifth, seventh visits are half price. Visits two, four, and six are FREE. No blackout dates or restrictions to this deal.

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