October Update – 2020

To Our Fellow Skiers and Snowboarders,

Our team has been working diligently behind the scenes to produce this year’s SnowJam Ski & Snowboard Expo. Given the unique nature of 2020, we have faced quite a few hurdles in the process. Rest assured we are trying to create a safe and engaging environment to save you money throughout the 2020/21 winter season. To ensure guest satisfaction, SnowJam Memberships (admission tickets) will go on sale once we have more information.

We appreciate your patience as we adapt to the ever-changing dynamic that is COVID-19. Stay tuned to our blog and our social media platforms for when SnowJam Memberships will be available. Thank you all for your patience!

The SnowJam Team

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Miracle March

Southern California can expect low elevation snowfall this week! The